Euronics Padel Open – Estonian Padel Tour

Ürituse info

  • Laupäev | 1. dets. 2018 kuni Pühapäev | 2. dets. 2018
  • 10:00
  • Rocca al Mare Padelikeskus
  • +3726600526

Euronics Padel Open 2018: draws and schedule of play SUNDAY!

Mängude algus 11:00, v.a. naiste lohutusturniiri mäng 10:30! 

Estonian Padel Tour is celebrating its second season! Don’t miss out to compete at the highest level in Estonia, have a fun time with other players, and earn ranking points!

• Next tournament? Sat & Sun, 01.-02.12.2018. Matches will start at 10:00 on both days. Players traveling from other countries – please confirm your travel plans ahead of time in order to make appropriate changes in the tournament play schedule.
• Where? Rocca al Mare Padel Center, Haabersti 5, Tallinn 13516, Estonia.
• Draws? Men’s Doubles (32 draw) & Women’s Doubles (16 draw) + consolation draws for both. We play out all places in the draw (3rd, 5th, 7th, and etc.).
• Balls? HEAD PADEL PRO World Padel Tour
• Matches? Best of three tie-break sets. Consolation matches: 10 point super-tie break for the third set.
• Registration? One player needs to send a registration email to with names (and preferably with email addresses) of both players before 17:00 NOVEMBER, 29th.
• Entry fee? 25€ per player/50€ per team.

Other info:
• Free practice courts will be open for all participants on Saturday & Sunday 09:00-10:00.
• Trophies and other prizes for winners, finalists and semi-finalists.
• Players of all levels and nationalities are encouraged and welcome to participate!
• Estonian Padel Tour tournament is an official tournament supervised by the Estonian Padel Association. Estonian Padel Tour ranking points will be awarded according to the results.

For more information, questions, or concerns please contact via email:
Siim Tuus
+372 568 344 76